Strong & Long Nails Guide

So first off, hi everyone! I hope your week is going amazing. Let's get to it.

There are a lot of different ways to get nice nails, but these tips and products have personally worked for me. PLUS it's all natural. 

TIP 1 — Keep your cuticles moisturized.


Cuticles (when you take the time to really think about them they're kind of weird lol) protect the nail root which is where your nail grows from. So if the protection isn't protected how is it supposed to protect, you feel? If your cuticles are constantly dry and not trimmed correctly your nails will be dry and brittle as well. 

WHAT I USE: Zeva Cuticle Oil Pen

You guys, this pen was sent straight from heaven I'm telling you. It's $15, lasts forever, and you can keep it in your purse to moisturize throughout the day! I like to not only put it on my cuticle but also my entire nail bed. Especially if I'm taking a break from polish and don't want them to break. If you have polish on just use it on your cuticles throughout the day. Overtime this makes a huge difference in how your nails grow.

TIP 2 — Buff and shine your nails once a month.

This is actually a tip my grandma gave me back when I was a religious nail biter. It's made my nails so much stronger after I was constantly ripping them. I use a gentle buff and shine tool because you don't want to be too harsh on your nails, that can make them even thinner! I used to do this every week but realized it was kind of wearing down my nails, so once a month has been my go to recently.

WHAT I USE: Tropical Shine Buff and Shine Tool


I got this at Sally's, so you can probably get it at your local beauty store! It's only about $3 and it can last me up to a few months. If you aren't able to find this one anywhere, just grab one that won't be too rough on your nails. You can find cheap ones at Target too.

TIP 3 — Use a daily keratin treatment

Keratin is a protein that is actually found in our hair, skin, and nails. So if it's something your deficient in then your nails can tend to be weaker. You are able to buy pill forms of it at the vitamin store or online, but I actually use a topical treatment that soaks in to your nails if pills aren't something you like.

WHAT I USE: RescueRX Daily Keratin Treatment


I’ve been using this for two months and I am absolutely in love with it. I put it all over my nail and cuticle before I go to bed. When I wake up my nails look shiny and healthy. My nails are normally pretty thin, but after a month of consistently using this, they were noticeably stronger!

TIP 4 — Take beauty supplements

Beauty supplements have important vitamins that your body may be lacking in that help you achieve your hair, skin, and nail goals. Who doesn't want that right? Most beauty supplements are all natural, but make sure you double check. 

halo photo.jpg

WHAT I USE: Halo Beauty

These are by far the BEST beauty supplements I've ever tried. I even dedicated a whole blog post to them (to see my full review click here). After using these for a month my nails were noticeably stronger and healthier. They're soy, sugar, and dairy free. Plus they're vegan which is great too! My nails also grew out faster than they normally do so it's a win win.

Incorporating these tips into your nail care routine can help you achieve strong, healthy, and long nails. If you continue to have trouble with your nails, I recommend reaching out to your doctor to see if you're deficient in any vitamins or minerals.

I hope this helps! If you have any other nail care tips that you swear by let me know! I'm always looking for something new to add.

xoxo, Lo